“I cried, I sobbed, for he was my dearest friend. My friends consoled me but what was lost was never to be found again, nor could it be repalced.” I imagined each scene many times,replaying it with more intensity each time the computerised aunt respended that my friend’s mobile was switched off, until I gotContinue reading “I AM”


“A women caught red handed at the airport. Stash found stashed in her breasts.”My mother read on from so called newspaper. “She was caught red breasted, Ma.” I corrected, while spewing the bubbles in the sink after scrubbing my teeth. To what extent can people go to earn money? My mother left the question, hangingContinue reading “Breasts”

Boys on bread

It was Sunday morning. Sun was out to perform it’s 9-5 mundane job but for me waking up was not a task unlike other days. As bored sun played with sunlight casting shadows at different angles at odd hours, through some unwanted sources I was cautioned that today is the most unawaited day, exam resultsContinue reading “Boys on bread”


Alison and her husband Mike are on a lookout for a budget and pocket friendly home when Alison receives a call that she has inherited a bunglow. Big sprawling bunglow with huge garden. Quaint. Huge rooms with high ceilings, walls adorned with priceless paintings; a kingsize bed; lavish kitchen, luxurious upholstery. Their excitement soon wearsContinue reading “Ghosts”

Uses of Neem

What time can be more perfect to stroll amidst greenry than a Sunday evening? When the sun’s shift is over and it gradually passes out giving way to infamous night to take charge of the rest. Although except that hour, any time is best time but because I stroll only when no one’s around orContinue reading “Uses of Neem”

Let go! Yuki

We have an American pitbull. A female. Her name is Yuki. My boyfriend is always instructing her- Yuki, Don’t chomp on the sofa; Yuki, don’t nosh on dustbin. She has a very strong jaw. Whenver she holds onto something, it becomes difficult to take it out of her mouth. She has to be tricked withContinue reading “Let go! Yuki”

Death at a funeral

We learn throughout the life. Mostly harsh ways sometimes easy but we keep learning . Everyone is trying to deal with their own shit deeming other’s shit is more bright than ours. Someone has financial crises, some identity crises, some family crises and what not crises. But everyone is trying and moving and carrying onContinue reading “Death at a funeral”

Used used

Apart from jumping up and down during High Intensity workouts, what other  activities makes you sweat? or rather glowwww. Yup! You guessed it right(even if u have’nt), its S FOR SEX. After sex my boyfriend always feels ” I just had an excellent bowel movement but this time from front”. Fast forwarding the pleasurable momentsContinue reading “Used used”


Today, I felt like my life is a movie. A movie scene where trees flashes before eyes as the train whooshes by. Gradually, the rising heat amidst tyres and tracks comes to a halt as the train composes itself for the upcoming station. Zooms in the camera at a short and black girl with shortContinue reading “Daydreamer”


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