Breathe in breathe out Breathe in breathe out Breathe in breathe out breathe… It is indeed. Breathe out. Nooouuuu, is it? Okay, stop. No more thinkin’. FOCUS on breathing. Breeeeaaathe in breeeaaathe out… Bring in, BREATHE IN Fancy my mouth, Mr.Biscuit. Fuck, you gotta do it tonight. Stop thinking. Take some deep breadths. Nooooth dhat.Continue reading “A’musing”

If it was not Sandalwood

Sandalwood is considered a natural relaxant and stress booster (sorry! buster). So now a days as I am going all organic (consuming strictly plants/animals and fermented water with malt and yeast); I ordered this organic yellow colour soap for my brown skin. As soon as it breezed into our bricks and mortar house it’s fragranceContinue reading “If it was not Sandalwood”

Quarter-Life Crises

Everybody around me blabbers about mid life crises (by everybody, I mean my mom). About menopause, “I could have been Prime Minister if it was not you” attitude, “I fed you so that you argue with me” complaints and many more which may have been forgotten but will remigrate in near future (and here comesContinue reading “Quarter-Life Crises”


It’s hot here (not because of me). The sunrays travelling 150 million km just to provide with ‘Benefits of sunlight’ we easily absorb from google . The distance might make it exhausting for the rays as they travel tirelessly towards the Earth and passes on the same energy to us, tired and exhausted of theContinue reading “Morning!”

I wish I wish….

When I was a kid, I really liked Dragon tales. It was a late 90’s cartoon where two siblings would say- “I wish I wish with all my heart, to fly with dragons in the land of art” and they would land in a dragon world. I loved this phrase and would repeat it wheneverContinue reading “I wish I wish….”

Crazy Stupid Love

The title says it all. Whosoever came up with this title must have deep faith in side effects of love than just love. If it makes you crazy (you think day in and day out about him/ her, you would do anything for them, you will go out of your way to surprise them blaContinue reading “Crazy Stupid Love”

Flying Arrow

Now a days it’s study and me. I study my thoughts; what am I thinking, why am I thinking and then why am I thinking about my thoughts. It’s complicated. During COVID, everybody has bore some loss; some lost their loved ones and some, like us lost their sanity. My mind think about things thatContinue reading “Flying Arrow”

Blood & Relations

My mother is a playway teacher. Since she has a very friendly demeanor and parents came to pick and drop their children for quite a time, they confided in her and opened up about their hardships and battles they have fought for themselves. My mother and I share a very strong bond, sort of love-Continue reading “Blood & Relations”


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